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Town Hall in Leopoldov

town hall, library, federal house, café, square

design: Filip Kandravý, Maroš Fečík, Ivan Príkopský, Tomáš Szöke /plusminusarchitects & toito architects // open competition // place: Hlohovská cesta, Gucmanova ul., Leopoldov, Slovakia // timespan: 09/2014

St. Ignatius's Square
The site for the munipicality has s symbolic position. Elongated square with a church of Saint Ignacius from Loyola on one side and the Town Hall at the other end as a counterweight to the center. The new office would not only serve as the administration. It is designed as a public space and urban solution of the city center. The notion of public takes on a new dimension. A compact square as a new spatial quality of the main square. Town Hall is complemented by library, Federal House, a small café and facilities, everything around a public courtyard. Town Hall Square is a  "turnaround" point for citizens. After walking through park greenery they change direction to the other side with amenities.

Town Hall Square / Courtyard
A small, rugged and comfortable ending to the park - St. Ignatius's Square. Dignified, quiet courtyard of the Town Hall. Extension of the federal house and café's terrace. The concrete surface continuously passes into the interior of houses. One helps the other.

Nicely renovated house of the former firehouse. Maintaining a purified morphology is a worthy object for the library as a symbol of continuity. A small museum exposition of the history of Leopoldov fortress, a huge physical model, photos?

It complements the library and federal house. Hiding in the corner of the square, loves silence. Solid brick wall from the back offers a pleasant place for observation.

Federal house
From street, it is separated by glass, sometimes by a curtain. Public events are happening in public space. Upstairs, people share their interests. The house is a bonus, supplementing the Town Hall. Will make a generous space for social gatherings.

Town Hall
The old one is collapsing. The new one regulates the street to a greater clarity and security, there is a gap in front and a new public space behind. The strict order for the administration, large openings are public spaces of the house and a transparent management of the city. The mayor is up. He sees and is seen. You can have a picnic together on the roof.
Naive symbolism!

Railway houses and fortress are built from the bricks. Durable houses with high value. Brick is stable, wood is friendly, white is clean, metal sheet is resistant, concrete is rigid and hard. All mixed in the new square, not just in one house. Unity as a reference to deed.