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Ludovit Fulla gallery
 SNG Ruzomberok

gallery, libresso, library, workshop space, exhibition space

design: Filip Kandravý, Maroš Fečík /plusminusarchitects // open competition // place: Makovického 1, Ružomberok, Slovakia // timespan: 03/2014

Variability and mobility
The two basic conceptual elements of our proposal. They are part of each of the proposed movables for the gallery. We believe that gallery spaces should be, in order to maintain their attractiveness, at least partially variable at relatively short intervals. Such design does not prejudge them permanently to one functional use, but gives artists and gallery staff the opportunity to fully develop their activities. Our interior design offers layout variability of exhibition areas.

Uniform materials were used to interconnect all of the movables. Dimensionally smaller ones (workshop tables; café tables) are designed to be from plywood treated with a colourless oil, larger ones (mobile bookcases in Libresso; bar; mobile closet in the area of ​​creative studio and big mobile box in Ľ. Fulla’s exhibition space) are designed to be from black stained plywood. Oil and black stain coating are trying to underline the natural feel and texture of material, which will introduce a new element into proposed spaces.

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