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park Tehelne pole


design: Filip Kandravý, Maroš Fečík, Ivan Príkopský, Tomáš Szöke, Magda Horňáková /plusminusarchitects & toito architects & atelier duma // open competition /2nd place // place: Kalinčiakova, ul.Odbojárov, Tehelné pole, Bratislava, Slovakia // timespan: 07/2014


The design provides an alternative embodiment of the idea of cultural sportpark. Not in a form of classic playgrounds and catalog elements forming the sterile bounded space selecting visitors into different interest and age groups. The proposed park is a complex of large-scale, open, wheelchair accessible residential green areas offering activities for all ages and in one interconnected space.

The concept was created with a vision to strengthen the identity of the place through symbolism and direct links to the former function of velodrome and its cultural heritage. The design contributes overall to a deeper familiarity with the place in which people live, helping to strengthen the various communities. It is a long-term process, which increases visit rate and popularity of the place, while building a healthy bond between the place and the community of visitors. The park is wheelchair accessible from all directions and its composition is based on the original height levels of former velodrome, the original form of cycle track and the total oval design.